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4 ways to move your life from calling to clarity

For most of my life, I had this strong inner impulse of my calling, as if life had a special assignment for me. I have had mentors and people of influence who I have crossed paths with who have told me that I have something special and unique to offer the world. While these compliments made me feel empowered and affirmed, they were not the roadmap on how I could move my life from calling to clarity. I truly believed the words of those who spoke to me and felt at the core of my being that I did have a calling and a purpose for being in this world. I remember jokingly telling my cousin, I wish our callings came with a “callings for dummies” book, so I could move forward with my life and be the person I was created to be. It would just make things easier for my journey if every detail of this divine plan for my life were laid out for me. Sadly, callings are just not designed that way. So I have come to the realization of this simple truth on my own path to purpose, and it’s this:

Tweet: Not having your calling figured out is not an excuse to be still, it’s really a beckoning to have faith and to act. Via @RoadtoPurpose

1. Activate Your Faith  

 “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

Our calling and purpose are no different, you start even if you can’t see the entire staircase.  Don’t wait for your calling and your purpose to find you. Start by getting on the path of exploration, and as you put one foot in front of the next, clarity has a way of emerging. Revelation always comes, as you move forward, not by waiting for epiphanies to come to you. Begin even if you can’t see the entire calling. I know that if the path before our calling is clear, it means we took the route of someone else who found theirs. Your calling may not look like anything you ever have seen before, so that is why you don’t have a blueprint, and your faith is one of the keys to unlocking your path. The beauty of our faith is that it empowers us. We get to be co- creators in our own unique paths. Faith is your response and your participation in the plan for your life.  Activate it!

2. The Journey is the Calling

“Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come”

I now realize even the times where I sat confused, frustrated, sad, crying, and even envious of those who I saw living their purpose, it was all part of the plan and the process that was steadily moving me towards my calling. You might be saying, well I have tried this and that, and nothing seems to be working for me.  I will say to you, sometimes you have to fail your way to purpose and destiny. Signs of our callings are not always evident, it takes a bit of patience plus our willingness to find what may be hiding underneath the surface.

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We never arrive at our calling and purpose at warp speed, we get there gradually. And as you become more aware, you will realize that there is a purpose behind everything that happens. The responsibility of the journey is to mold us for our highest good. Once we embrace this, the sooner we realize that our calling is not a destination, it’s a journey.  

3. Seek Stillness  

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

I love this quote because the word that stands out for me is silently. We live in a world where at times it’s difficult for us to be silent or even still. Often, we have this permanent on switch that keeps us moving through life without experiencing the benefits of solitude. I believe the quieter you become the more you can hear. Imagine for a second your calling and your purpose is a friend that’s been constantly whispering for your attention. It’s been trying to speak to you for days, weeks, months, and even years. Because all it wants to do is spend time with you so the two of you could become acquainted, because this friend loves you dearly and wants the best for you. But when it always tried to get your attention, you were on social media, rushing for work, always out with friends, and just too busy. It wanted desperately for you to silently be drawn by the pull of your calling, but that became impossible with all the distractions and the demands of your life.  I find myself falling in the trap of being on the go all the time, and I have to remind myself to be still. Because insight doesn’t appear in our busyness, it comes out of our stillness. Prayer and meditation are my way of creating stillness for my life. It’s my way of seeking God for clarity and direction. Callings are rarely loud when they speak, so begin by getting quiet so you can hear the still, small voice—your inner compass that will move you towards what you love.

Tweet: Callings are rarely loud when they speak, so get quiet so you can hear the still, small voice. Via @RoadtoPurpose

4. Break up with the one

“ Don’t think you have to do just one thing with your life. You are creative, resilient, capable. Pursue your passions, have many missions, grow, enjoy this.” – Brendon Burchard 

Growing up people would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up, and you probably felt that your reply should be this singular definitive thing like I want to be a cop, doctor, or a teacher. Looking back over my life, nobody would ever have a follow-up question like  ” And What else would you like to be?“  It seems as if all the way back to our childhood that we were being programmed with this idea of committing to one path. Now as adults, we go to networking functions or you’re socializing at a bar, and you get the common question of: ” So what do you do? And even if you did more than one thing, you probably shy away from telling it all, for the purpose of not looking like the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. So this idea of just one thing has been ingrained in us, and it’s time that we break up and part ways with it. Your calling is not one thing.

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Rather than one calling, one life’s work, one mission, we can explore all the things that make us come alive and do them without choosing.

Where are you on your path? What are some things you can start implementing today, that can move you from calling to clarity?

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In the pursuit of your purpose,

Jimmy Jean


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