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5 Ways To Leave A Legacy

Do you ever think about what kind of legacy you will leave behind?

This week I spent some time reflecting on what kind of legacy I would like to leave behind, after the death of two of my closest friend’s mother. She was an amazing woman who had a passion for life. She was a spiritual warrior, and a woman of service who was beloved by everyone. So, I had to ask myself what kind of legacy do I want to leave, how do I want to be remembered, and how can I pursue a life that is honorable, inspiring, and one that leaves my stamp of influence on the hearts of people. How do we create this life?

 At some point, all of us are going to leave a legacy, and the kind that we leave behind is going to be decided by us. Thinking about our legacy is something that should always be at the forefront of our minds because it puts a magnifying glass on the choices that we are making daily in our lives. It allows us to pause, and to question our reason for being here so we can show up in the most powerful way in the universe. This kind of life inventory puts us in the driver’s seat of our legacy. So where do we begin on our quest to leaving behind a life that is worthy of remembering?  We start right here, right now!

Here are five ways you can start to create the legacy you want!


Begin With Gratitude 

I believe there is a connection between gratitude and legacy. A person that lives their life with gratitude understands that they don’t have to be here, they GET to be here. So with that understanding, they treat life as a gift that they get to experience every day. And when you’re thankful for the life that you have, you are more likely to make something out of the life you have been given. Gratitude is our highest response for all that we are, and for all that we will be.

Make Life Bigger Than You

Muhammad Ali said: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” There are many people living rent free in this world because they have failed to realize that as a tenant of this universe, our ultimate responsibility is to serve others and contribute by adding value. I believe the way we leave a legacy of purpose is to make life bigger than us, and not about us.

Be A Dream Chaser

If you don’t chase your dreams, the regret of not pursuing them will always be chasing you.  Someone once said that the richest place in this world is the graveyard because people die with their dreams inside of them. People go with all these great things that they wanted to do with their life. They get to the end, and they are hit with the reality that they haven’t truly lived or they haven’t done the things they wanted to do. But that doesn’t have to be us, we don’t have to look back with regret, we can look forward with optimism today and make our lives count using the time that we have now. We can pursue all of our wildest dreams and bring them to life. We can live up to our full potential and bring our gifts and talents forward to the world and leave our mark.  With our legacy in mind, we know there is no passion found in settling for a life that is less than the one we are capable of living. In the words of Motivational speaker Les Brown “Live full, die empty,” because that is what legacy would want us to do.

A Legacy Of Character 

You see people who excel in life, and that are blessed with a lot of success, but they never excel in character. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if it means sacrificing character in the process. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be remembered as the person who had a successful life but who had poor character. I don’t want to be remembered for just what I did, I want to be remembered for how I lived. Let us be judged by our character, for being honorable and honest in our work and in how we treated people. Let us leave a legacy of character.


Destiny Is Now

Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that I have all the time in the world.  However, the time to accomplish what I want in life is not infinite. Time waits for no man! And as the saying goes, tomorrow is not promised. Although we know that to be true, we tend to postpone our happiness and our dreams, because we think life will wait for us. So we find ourselves waiting, never starting, making excuses, and delaying our destinies. But destiny is not something that you delay for the future, it’s something that you pursue right now, in this very moment. We need to have a healthy sense of urgency in our lives that keep us aware of the brevity of life, and honor that with maximizing our potential. Let us begin by creating an inspiring vision for our life, one that calls forth the greatness that’s within us.  A vision that inspires and motivates us to live with a sense of purpose and urgency because we are aware that life is not a dress rehearsal.

” The Goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”

In pursuit of your purpose,

Jimmy Jean

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