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9 Powerful Questions You Should Ask Yourself For Self-Growth

With research and many endless conversations with friends, I have explored the successful keys that are the catalyst for self-growth. Throughout this process of discovery, nothing sums up the prerequisite for self-growth like when Socrates stated: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  In other words, we are unable to understand who we are and grow into the best version of ourselves unless we take the time to examine, reflect and ask questions to assess our lives.   Asking yourself great questions is the first step in your development as a human being. A good question is one that will provide you with some good insight and ways for you to grow.

Ask yourself these questions to create explosive growth and development:

1. What is the one skill that is missing in my life that I could learn? AuthorRobert Green said in his book Mastery: “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” To have a great future, you need great skills. And when you employ your time in improving yourself by adding new skills to the ones you already have, you will become a force to be reckoned with in this world. There are amazing benefits to being a well-rounded person, and being skilled is the way you make that happen.

  •  You might be great with administrative work, but a bad communicator. Some of us are very great writers while others have great people skills.
  •  What do you feel is absent in your life at this moment? Which skill can most help you fill that void?

2. How do I ruin my chances of success? We all can be our greatest enemy when it comes to sabotaging opportunities and our chances to become successful, I know I have done it many times in my life. I recall quitting a customer service job because I was too timid and fearful of having to deal with customers. I sabotaged my chance and opportunity for achievement. I felt like a complete failure!  At some point, I knew I needed to stop being the road block of my success. The lesson was eventually learned. Don’t allow fear, doubt, insecurities or anything to keep you from being successful. The next time that you are about to ruin your success, I dare you to challenge whatever that is telling you to be less than the greatness that is within you!  Examining ourselves in this kind of way is not an easy thing to do, but the results can be incredible.


3. If I could go back into the past, what advice would I give the younger version of me? Our past can be used as great teachers for the future. “The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.” It’s a good feeling to have and know that we are growing and moving forward in life. We are not supposed to be stagnated beings; we are made to be progressive beings.  Take a closer look at the mistakes that you’ve made when you were younger and see if you are still making those same mistakes in your life now. Think about the choices you think you should’ve made when you were younger and see if those same mistakes are occurring now. It’s a great way to break the cycle.


4. What are my greatest strengths? Take a sheet of paper and create a list of your greatest strengths. How can you utilize those strengths that you have and apply them to your life? You don’t have to allow your weaknesses to impede your progress or hold you back, but you can allow your strengths to decide how great you can become.

  • it’s great to have a second set of eyes when it comes to evaluating your strengths. Ask your friends and family for their opinions, too. You would be surprised, some people know us, better than we know ourselves.

5. What do I have control over in my life? I always say, control the things you can control. The more that you try to control the things you can’t, the more control it has over you. Worrying about things that are outside of your control is a waste of your time. It’s like complaining about the weather. Complaining about the rain for ruining your sunny day. Silly right? We have no power over that.  Focus your energy on things that you have control and influence over. Apply your thoughts, time, and effort wisely.


6. What do I want my legacy to look like? The most painful thing would be to get to the end of your life and have nothing to show for it.  How do you want to be thought of at the end of your life?  Someone once said, the richest place on the planet is the graveyard. Why? Because people go to their graves with all the brilliant dreams and ideas that they could have made a reality. Think about life like this, everyday that you are blessed to see another day; you have an opportunity to lay the foundation down for your legacy, brick by brick. Are you creating a legacy or are you creating excuses?

  • Think about who you want to be and work diligently to become that person.

7. If I could accomplish the biggest dream in my life, what would it be? You probably have a lot of dreams for your life and choosing one could be a hard thing to do, but this question forces you to zero in on what really excites you.

  • Think about the one accomplishment that would mean the most to you.Then create some actions steps that will help you passionately pursue it and achieve it.  

8. What is the biggest lie that I have told myself? It might be the belief that your dreams are not obtainable. You might be saying to yourself I am not smart enough. You probably said to yourself, I will never attract the right person to be in a relationship with because all my previous ones have failed.  Or could it be that you will never be able to be a great public speaker because it’s only a skill that is reserved for the experts.  How can you set yourself free from these limits?  The only way to break free from a limiting belief or lie that you have accepted is to reverse that lie or limiting belief with truth. You heard the saying:  “You shall know the truth, and truth shall make you free.” The truth is, you don’t have to believe the lie, your inner critic or anything that would place limits on you. Live in truth!


9. Whom or what do I blame for my challenges? Sure, your parents night have made a lot of mistakes. Maybe you are the blame for some of the things in your life that have gone wrong that you have never taken ownership of. Nobody is responsible for us; we are responsible for our actions and ourselves. “The greatest ability is responsibility.” Don’t blame, take responsibility!!

Regardless of the source of your challenges, it’s up to you to deal with them. Understanding this self-governing truth will never allow you to pass blame ever again.

Questions are powerful tools that give you insight and clarity. There are also great for personal development. If you’re feeling lost or frustrated, utilize the power of questions to continue your self-growth journey.


In the pursuit of your purpose,

Jimmy Jean

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