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Trust The Timing Of Your Life

Timing is everything. My mom always said, nothing happens before it’s time, and I’m starting to understand that. You are probably wrestling with the idea of trusting the timing of your life, pouring yourself into a vision nobody can see, diligently working on that dream, but it feels like everything ...

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Redefine The Hustle So You Can Enjoy The Journey

Lately, I have been on a quest to redefine what the hustle means to me. Like many of us, whose desire is to be great and achieve amazing things in this world, I have tried to emulate world-class athletes, artists, and entertainers, who have succeeded in their lives, thinking if ...

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5 Ways To Leave A Legacy

Do you ever think about what kind of legacy you will leave behind? This week I spent some time reflecting on what kind of legacy I would like to leave behind, after the death of two of my closest friend’s mother. She was an amazing woman who had a passion for life. ...

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How a trip to Barbados reminded me that life begins at the end of our comfort zone

You probably hear people say to you all the time that you should get out of your comfort zone, right? That you need to try new things and stretch yourself so you can grow. I have learned that as humans we are naturally afraid of the unknown, afraid to try new ...

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5 Steps To Finish What You Start

Hi, My Name is Jimmy and I am here to let you know that I am a starter but not a finisher. I know this sounds like an introduction to an addict anonymous program, but it many ways it is. So here is my story. I love to read, and ...

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