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Redefine The Hustle So You Can Enjoy The Journey

Lately, I have been on a quest to redefine what the hustle means to me. Like many of us, whose desire is to be great and achieve amazing things in this world, I have tried to emulate world-class athletes, artists, and entertainers, who have succeeded in their lives, thinking if I practice their habits, I will get their results. But, it felt like an inauthentic way to hustle, as I strive to become the full expression of the person I was created to be. I didn’t feel like it was best for me. The truth is, I’m not like anyone else, and neither are you. Today, we live in a culture where people are glorifying “Team No sleep” and “No days off” as a badge of honor, and here I am, thinking this must be the secret to greatness. After all, the hustle is demanding. If we want any progression in our lives, we will have to lose ourselves in the hustle for the sake of accomplishment. This is being projected at us and what some are claiming to be the key to success. The hustle is consuming our journey, making it more stressful than enjoyable. Its seems as if the hustle is saying, “Give me your sleep, your family time, your days off, friendships, your health, and your fun; neglect important matters, and then I’ll reward you.” Somewhere, someone is engaging in this behavior, thinking I need to do this to win, but I believe it is only setting us up to lose. Listen, by no means am I saying not to work hard, because we get nowhere without it. And I am wise enough to know the principles of success are universally set; you reap what you sow. But, I don’t want to hustle my way through the journey; I want to enjoy the journey, while I am doing it.

“Be Grateful for what you have while in pursuit of what you want” – Jim Rohn


Here are 4 things you can do to redefine your hustle, so you can enjoy the journey.


Less Hustle, more gratitude:

It’s easy to get caught up in chasing the good life, failing to realize the good already happening in our lives. The less hustle approach doesn’t take away from your tenacity or ambition to succeed; it makes you more present. You can pause and absorb all the good happening around you. That is something you can’t do when you are always in hustle mode. The benefit is a healthy balance between the hustle and living in gratitude as you chase your goals and dreams. Gratitude doesn’t allow you to get lost in the hustle.


It’s more than a hustle. It’s a Journey:

It’s not what you get as a result of accomplishing a goal or fulfilling a dream; it’s who you get to become in the process. When we understand that what we do is much more than a hustle, we gain a better understanding of the journey we are on. Our infatuation with the destination decreases, and we can enjoy it more. We live in the flow and ease of the journey because we are unattached to the outcome. That is where the trust for the process of our lives is fostered, and we can have faith, not in the speed of our lives, but the timing of our lives.

Authentic Hustle:

Authentic hustle is the hustle that is true for you. You can find inspiration in others, but their definition of success and how to succeed is not your own. You are free from the pressure of trying to hustle like everyone else. Therefore, you engage in authentic pursuits that are genuine, real, and reflect who you are. When you live with this kind of authenticity, you choose things that move you closer to your purpose and that inspire you to become the person you were created to be.


Hustle With Purpose:

When you hustle with a purpose, your ambitions are no longer self-serving, and your chase for success takes on a new meaning. What you do now is connected to something grander. Your obsession with notoriety, prestige, accumulation, and wrong intention is transformed. Something new is born within, a shift that takes your gifts and talents from serving you to it serving the world, because you know, therein lies the true meaning of what all of this is about, a larger purpose.

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  1. Great writing, Jimmy!! I feel like I say it all the time haha but seriously, this resonated so much. I recently made a prayerful decision to leave my previous job to become my grandmothers full-time caretaker. (She has dementia and other health issues) It has definitely been a transition and decision that required me “redefining my hustle” for sure. This post has reiterated some of the very things I’ve been navigating in redefining my own views of success and what the world would say is success.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my work. It really means a lot that I was able to encourage you on your journey. Never give up. -Jimmy

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