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Trust The Timing Of Your Life

Timing is everything. My mom always said, nothing happens before it’s time, and I’m starting to understand that. You are probably wrestling with the idea of trusting the timing of your life, pouring yourself into a vision nobody can see, diligently working on that dream, but it feels like everything you do is delayed. Trust me; I can relate. That plan you have outlined is not perfect, and nothing seems to come to fruition. You feel anxious and frustrated, because you saw things going according to plan. I believe, somewhere along the journey, we picked up this fear of falling behind, missing out, and worrying about the future. Stress results from living our lives, based on an unrealistic timeline that is amplifying our anxiety and eroding our trust in the universe. If we take the arrival time off our destiny, we will see that everything in the journey is part of a greater purpose, leading us where we need to be and shaping us into who we need to become.

We have to understand, if the things we are desiring, praying for, and working towards are not manifesting in our lives, maybe we are not ready for it. So, instead of trying to fight and control things, maybe we should pause for a moment and look at our lives through the lens of perfect timing. Only then will you gain clarity and trust that the universe knows better than you do, and you will see, behind all of this, a brilliant mind orchestrates things for your greater good. It’s difficult to surrender our control, but once we do so, we will have the peace that God, the universe, will bring those things into our lives when we are ready for them.

The times I embraced the moment, when I felt as though the vision for my life had stopped, were transformational moments, because everything I thought was happening to me was actually happening for me. It was there to teach me, challenge me, and help me grow into the greatest version of myself. Every day, we face frustration and, sometimes, the thought of giving up, but we have to press through those emotions and find the silver lining that encourages us to keep believing.

Here are five ways you can start to trust the timing of your life.

#1: Be Destiny-minded, instead destination-obsessed

The timing of your life is more important than the speed of your life. We live in a culture of instant gratification. But for our destiny, our dreams, and our vision, we can’t afford to take the same approach. We must resist trying to microwave our destiny and control our need for instant gratification. To have the right mindset, choose the right thoughts, because thoughts become destiny. A destiny mindset is the habit of thinking bigger than your circumstances and knowing where you are now is temporary and only serves as a conduit to where you will be. Destiny-minded people don’t obsess over the destination; they trust that every step of the journey has a purpose.

#2: Stay Ready For Your Moment

“You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready.”

Trusting the timing of your life means staying prepared, communicating to the universe the seriousness of your desires and your readiness to receive. Don’t make the mistake of being stagnant or allowing frustration to overcome you; focus your attention on becoming a good steward of your gifts and talents, honing your skills and crafts, while waiting for your moment. If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready.

#3: Learn From Every Season

One of my greatest mentors told me: If you would learn the lessons you are supposed to learn, when they are presented, you will have more wisdom and be further than those who try to skip them. Every season in our lives is important, bringing a different lesson and opportunity for enlightenment and growth. So, learn from every season, because the things we fail to learn are often repeated until we get it. Whatever season you may be in, remind yourself to be intentional about your growth and learn the lessons the universe wants to teach you.

#4: Celebrate Your Small Successes

Trusting the timing of your life is about celebrating smaller successes. When you accomplish a goal, take a moment to enjoy it; feel lucky and blessed to be making progress. Being driven and striving for success is great, but it’s possible to pursue your greatness, while enjoying your accomplishments. Celebrate your small successes along the way. Trusting the timing of your life is an enjoyable experience. Don’t be so ambitious that you only focus on the next plan, the next dream, or the next goal; stop and take the time to enjoy the success you have right now.

#5: Run Your Own Race

You can’t live in your purpose if you are living in comparison. One issue that keeps us from trusting the timing of our lives and living in the fullness of our purpose is our obsession with comparing ourselves with others. It’s easy to compare, but you will never win. It will steal your joy, undermine your greatness, and kill your self-esteem. The antidote for comparison is to run your race, focus on your path, lock in on your purpose, and run with the gifts and talents you have been given. When focused on your path, you are not distracted by checking someone else’s success; your main objective is to run the race for which you have been created.

Whenever you are feeling anxious about your future or when your dreams will manifest, take a deep breath and repeat the affirmation below:

I will relax, live in the flow of my journey, and trust the process, because everything is unfolding in perfect timing.

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